Parent and Child Guidelines

We totally get it: Climbing into a car that belongs to someone you don’t really know can be uncomfortable the first time—both for you and your parents. But don’t worry. Our Zūmer drivers (“Zūmers”) are not only friendly, but they have a lot in common with you: they’re parents, babysitters, sports enthusiasts, video game players, Disney fans. More importantly, they prioritize your safety, which is why they’re Zūmers in the first place. But it takes cooperation to be safe. So, help them make your experience one that is (1) respectful and (2) safe.

Respectful Rides:

  • Be on Time: Your Zūmer works hard to reach you on time so that you don’t miss your math test. Please be ready when he or she gets there. And if you have trouble finding your Zūmer or you’re running late, let us know through your kid app or inform a parent/adult, so that we make sure you two connect and you get where you need to go.
  • Be Respectful: You might be riding solo in the backseat, or you might be part of a carpool. Please respect every passenger—including yourself—through use of appropriate language and gestures. Be kind to all in the car and don’t make disparaging remarks. Bullying is unacceptable and not cool.
  • Clean Up: Your Zūmer tries to keep a clean ride for all. No need to clean up somebody else’s mess—you already have your room to tidy up. But please leave no trace when you’re done with your ride. On that note, if you want to snack on your ride, ask your Zūmer for permission and make sure he/she knows that you won’t strew wrappers or leave your trash in the car, especially since other kid riders may have allergies.

Safe Rides:

  • Compliance with Zūm Instructions: When your Zūmer is dispatched, he or she has clear instructions on where to pick you up and where to bring you, thanks to your parents’ or school’s input. Please let your Zūmer follow those instructions by not interjecting or providing additional information that may conflict with what’s been provided. If you believe that the instructions are incorrect, don’t override them—call Zūm at 1.855.RIDEZUM to talk to the customer support team. We are here to help you get to the right destination.
  • Be Savvy: Make sure that your Zūmer’s car matches that in the app and that the Zūm decal is affixed. Make sure your Zūmer is wearing his or her T-Shirt. If you have a password, make sure your Zūmer shares it with you. Don’t get in the car unless you’re sure it’s your Zūm ride.
  • Safe Space: Driving requires focus and patience. Please help your Zūmer drive as safely as possible by:
    • Allowing the Zūmer to properly strap you into your booster seat or seat;
    • Remaining strapped in until the car fully stops;
    • Respecting your Zūmer—never yell, rough house, or get physical during the ride;
    • Respecting your fellow riders—again, don’t insult, bully, or harass anybody in the car;
    • Allowing the Zūmer to unbuckle you and/or help you out of the car;
    • Going to your intended destination as reflected on the app.

Complaints about your Ride: If you feel like your Zūmer acted inappropriately and/or drove in an unsafe manner, or if your fellow riders didn’t comply with Zūm guidelines, please let us know. We want everybody to have an enjoyable and safe ride, and your opinion matters. Contact us at 1.855.RIDEZUM so that our community improves.

Download the Zūm App now
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  • Receive pickup and dropoff notifications
  • View driver and vehicle profiles
  • Provide specific instructions for your child’s driver
  • Easily communicate changes or cancel a ride if a child is sick or absent